JP Young Gun ES Windsurf Board 2015

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JP developed the Young Gun boards with the special needs of the new generation in mind.

Design details



They come with a reduced stance width and a shorter distance between footstrap plugs for more narrow feet and also with many different footstrap options for youngsters of all sizes and sailing levels. They work for young guns up to around 50 kilos.


Made for young beginners and youngsters, who want to get planing, get into the straps and start learning some tricks.

  • Fun from the very first minute
  • Very stable
  • You will be sailing back and forth happily on your first day
  • Very easy to tack and jibe
  • Progresses together with you


A 55 liter version of Kauli Seadi‘s and Jason Polakow’s latest development together with Werner Gnigler – our famous shaper. Approved by Cody Young (best surfer in his age group on Maui). Radical in feeling and at the same time easy to handle. A wave board that works from the shores of Maui to South Africa and anywhere in between. For wave riding young guns and small, light women. Now with Slotbox twinser fins and Minituttle side fins.


Youp Schmit our two times PWA Youth World Champion has developed this board with Werner. It offers unbelievable pop and is made for the latest and sickest moves. The weapon of choice for any Young Gun looking to be the next world champ!

Tech specs


  • LENGTH: 207cm / 6'9"
  • WIDTH: 50cm / 19.7inch
  • VOLUME: 55 liters
  • W. PRO +/-6%: 5.3kgs/11.7lbs
  • FINS: 2x Multi Wave 12 SB + 2x Side Fin 10 MT
  • SAILS: ideal: <4.7 rec.: <5.0

YOUNG GUN: Freestyle 80

  • LENGTH: 224cm / 7'4"
  • WIDTH: 56.5cm / 22.2inch
  • VOLUME: 80 liters
  • W. PRO +/-6%: 6.2kgs/13.7lbs
  • FINS: Freestyle 16 PB
  • SAILS: ideal: <4.8 rec.: <5.4


  • LENGTH: 240cm / 7'10"
  • WIDTH: 70cm / 27.6inch
  • VOLUME: 115 liters
  • W. PRO +/-6%: 8.2kgs/18.1lbs
  • FINS: Freestyle Wave 29 + Fun 34 PB
  • SAILS: ideal: <5.8 rec.: <7.5

MW = Multi Wave SF = Side Fin SB = Slot box MT = Mini Tuttle box PB = Powerbox