JP Thruster Quad Pro Windsurf Board 2015

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Robby Swift, Jules Denel and Leon Jamaer were curious how a 2014 Single Thruster would work with a Quad setup. When trying the first prototypes they were blown away. So JP went ahead and put them into production.

Design details

PRO EDITION in S-Glass Technology with Stringers and Carbon Rails


In the thruster setup they are perfect for conditions where you need a fast, early planing, powerful board that turns well and launches into the sky like a rocket. In the quad setup you get a board that is super loose and provides radical turning and heaps of control on the wave. So you can shift the focus from an onshore rocket to a side shore ripping machine. This suits our riders on the PWA tour as well as any wave rider wanting a versatile wave board.

They are relatively long which gives them great early planing and top end control. Their overall width and rather wide tails make them accelerate fast and go well upwind. Landing big jumps and staying on the plane is easy. They come with a rather flat rocker between the straps and a little tail kick. The double concave bottom runs into a progressive Vee towards the tail producing additional bottom curve in the rail. This and the additional outline curve between the straps make the boards faster and more maneuverable at the same time. Fast bottom turns or tight turns aiming for the pocket, they offer it all. The thin rails bite determinedly and maintain the grip during down-the-line carving bottom turns.

The ergonomic deck shape provides a comfortable stance and responsive rail changing. The wide stance allows the rider to tighten turns easily via the back foot and to ride the wave via the front foot. Gusts just make the boards want to go faster. No speed limit holds you back on massive jumps or blasting in bump and jump conditions. They allow you to ride with power and speed already in moderate winds.


These fast and versatile wave boards offer a huge range of use from on or offshore conditions to side shore conditions they always deliver great performance and fun. You will love them for their ease of use in riding waves and the potential to rip hard when wanted. With great planing power they qualify as bump and jump high wind boards, too.

Tech specs


  • LENGTH: 228cm / 7.6inch
  • WIDTH: 55.5cm / 21.9inch
  • VOLUME: 73 liters
  • W. PRO +/-6%: 5.9kg / 13.0lbs
  • THRUSTER FINS: 1x Wave 19 [G10] 3x SB + 2x SF 10 [G10] MT
  • SAILS: ideal: ideal: 4.0-5.2 rec.: <5.5


  • LENGTH: 230cm / 7.7inch
  • WIDTH: 57.5cm / 22.6inch
  • VOLUME: 83 liters
  • W. PRO +/-6%: 6.2kg / 13.7lbs
  • THRUSTER FINS: 1x Wave 20 [G10] 3x SB + 2x SF 10 [G10] MT
  • SAILS: ideal: 4.5-5.6 rec.: 4.0-6.2


  • LENGTH: 232cm / 7.7inch
  • WIDTH: 60.0cm / 23.6inch
  • VOLUME: 93 liters
  • W. PRO +/-6%: 6.6kg / 14.6lbs
  • THRUSTER FINS: 1x Wave 21 [G10] 3x SB + 2x SF 10 [G10] MT
  • SAILS: ideal: ideal: 5.0-6.0 rec.: 4.4-6.2


  • LENGTH: 232cm / 7.7inch
  • WIDTH: 62.5cm / 24.6inch
  • VOLUME: 103 liters
  • W. PRO +/-6%: 6.9kg / 15.2lbs
  • THRUSTER FINS: 1x Wave 22 [G10] 3x SB + 2x SF 10 [G10] MT
  • SAILS: ideal: 5.4-6.2 rec.: >5.0

MW = Multi Wave SF = Side Fin SB = Slot box MT = Mini Tuttle box