JP Super Sport Gold Windsurf Board 2015

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The Super Sports are as fast as ever whilst being a lot easier to ride and handle than Slalom Race boards. For advanced riders it’s easy to get maximum performance out of them. You stand totally relaxed and transfer all the sail power into the board to accelerate more and more. It‘s easy to stay in control when blasting back and forth as well as in the high speed carving jibes. Really fast and fun boards for sporty riders.

Design details

GOLD EDITION in ultra light Gold Edition Technology


The Super Sports deliver slalom race-like performance but are way easier to ride and control. Great market feedback and lots of test wins have confirmed that. The line combines shape features from the X-Cite Ride and the Slalom boards to offer the best of both worlds. To make them seriously fast Werner Gnigler used his experience from the Slalom developments while the influence of his X-Cite Ride shapes make sure that the power of the Super Sports is easily accessible for every advanced rider.


The reduced overall length gives the boards a lively feel. The volume distribution is very balanced throughout the board which is an essential feature needed for early planing and effortless riding.

The boards come with a raised deck in the foot strap area combined with a round and constant deck curve in the whole standing area. This makes the stance very comfortable and you‘ll stay connected to the board at all times.

The bottom is equipped with a double concave V in the front flowing into a flat V towards the tail, ending with cut-outs. The concaves work like suspensions when the board hits chop. The flat V supported by the tail cut-outs have the best and most efficient water release resulting in top speed on every course. The cut-outs also take some pressure off the tail keeping the board flat on the water – even in the strongest gusts.

The outline is kept rather parallel especially at the rear of the board resulting in a powerful stance with even pressure on both feet. Towards the front, the full rail radius creates buoyancy when not planing and balanced lift during carving maneuvers in which the board glides through the jibe on its rail.

The fins supplied with the boards are probably the best performing Powerbox fins you can get.

Tech specs


  • LENGTH: 245cm / 8'0"
  • WIDTH: 73cm / 28.7inch
  • VOLUME: 124 liters
  • W. GOLD +/-6%: 6.6kg / 14.6lbs
  • W. PRO +/-6%: 7.5kg / 16.5lbs
  • FINS GOLD / PRO: Super Sport 45 [G10] PB
  • SAILS: ideal: 6.7-8.2 rec.: 6.2-9.0

MW = Multi Wave SF = Side Fin SB = Slot box MT = Mini Tuttle box PB = Powerbox