JP Speed Pro Windsurf Board 2016

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For that daredevil inside you! There is nothing like the feeling of flying down a speed course totally maxed out and being right on the edge. This is what these boards are made for. They are designed and developed for those who have the guts to put the pedal to the metal and go for it.

Design details

PRO EDITION in Carbon Technology

They have rocket-like acceleration, feel super loose on the water and reach unbelievable, almost unlimited top speed. Take the biggest sail you can possibly hold, sheet in and have lots of fun, and have faith in the knowledge that you will stay in control even at the highest of speeds. These boards have no limits and will go as fast as you dare to go.

The Speed Slalom offers a great combination between a light wind speed board and a full-on slalom race board. It features a double concave front section with soft tuck rail for a smooth ride over chop. This makes the boards immune from getting pushed off course by side chop. Towards the tail the bottom transforms into a flat V, which increases slightly towards the tail. This produces minimum drag and gives the board that loose feel.

Tech specs


  • LENGTH: 228cm / 7'6"
  • WIDTH: 45cm / 17.7inch
  • VOLUME: 53 liters
  • W. PRO +/-6%: 4.4kg / 9.7lbs
  • FINS TUTTLE BOX: no fin (rec.: 24)
  • SAILS: ideal: <5.4 rec.: <6.2


  • LENGTH: 228cm / 7'6"
  • WIDTH: 50cm / 19.7inch
  • VOLUME: 64 liters
  • W. PRO +/-6%: 4.8kg / 10.6lbs
  • FINS TUTTLE BOX: no fin (rec.: 26)
  • SAILS: ideal: <6.2 rec.: <7.0

SPEED: Slalom 55

  • LENGTH: 235cm / 7'9"
  • WIDTH: 55cm / 21.7inch
  • VOLUME: 84 liters
  • W. PRO +/-6%: 5.3kg / 11.7lbs
  • FINS TUTTLE BOX: no fin (rec.: 28)
  • SAILS: ideal: <7.0 rec.: <7.2

MW = Multi Wave SF = Side Fin SB = Slot box MT = Mini Tuttle box PB = Powerbox