JP RivAir SE 9'6 Inflatable SUP Board 2017

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The proven shape of the JP RivAir SE 9'6 inflatable SUP board has received a tech update for 2017. The Superior Edition construction helped JP skim down the weight of this white water virtuoso. This has helped us increase the manoeuvrability of this balanced shape. The standard full deck EVA pad ensures your feet stay in position in the sketchy sections of the most demanding descents.

Design details

The proven 4 + 1 fin setup and the 4 grab handles make sure you never fail to hold the board if you fall. The D-ring is placed on top of the nose as a precaution that it does not catch anything through the shallows.

TARGET GROUP: For flat-water beginners up to white water experts SUITABILITY: For Flatwater, rivers, and white water


  • JP RivAir SE 9'6 Inflatable SUP Board
  • SUP Bag
  • Fins
  • Pump
  • FREE 3-piece Paddle
  • FREE Leash


9‘6“x35“ SE

Length (cm) 289
Width (cm) 89
Thickness (Inch/cm) 6.0“/15.2
Vol. (Liters) 318
Weight (kg/lbs) 10.0/22.0
Center Fin (PE) 9.0”
Side Fin Fix 4x3.0”

SE = Superior Edition
PE = Polyethylene