JP MonstAir SE 18'0 Inflatable SUP Board 2017

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Paddle boarding is a social sport and when you go paddling with your friends why not on just one board? Actually it is even better to have a few teams racing on a couple of MonstAirs. Team work is crucial to start in-sync paddling. It is a lot of fun in rivers, white water rafting style tours and the surf too.

Design details

Windsurfing on the MonstAir is really a blast! You wouldn’t believe that this humongous thing can get planning and even do planning jibes! Make sure you put all four 10” fins in for a better upwind performance. There are 2 mast plugs for windsurfing rigs. If used with only one rig, attach it in the rear plug.

You can use the 2 rear fins for paddling although the fins are not necessary if you have a couple people paddling on each side. Make sure you don’t put the board on the beach with the fins down as they might break. Remove all fins for paddling in shallow or white water!

TARGET GROUP: A board for group events, school classes and parties. From beginner to wave experts, from paddler to windsurfers. For 2-10 people
SUITABILITY: Shallow water, waves, white water, rivers


  • JP MonstAir SE 18'0 Inflatable SUP Board
  • SUP Bag
  • Fins
  • Pump


18‘0“x72“ SE

Length (cm) 549
Width (cm) 183
Thickness (Inch/cm) 8.0“/20.3
Vol. (Liters) ~1700
Weight (kg/lbs) 45.0/99.2
Fin (PE) 4x10.0”

SE = Superior Edition
PE = Polyethylene