JP Glass Small PE 2-Piece SUP Paddle 2019

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This combination of light fiberglass shaft and all new V Concave fiberglass reinforced Polyethylene (PE) blade is a great alternative to heavier alloy paddles.

Design details

The shafts have horizontally roughened surface for a good grip and they come with an Aluminum slotted extension and an ABS handle.


All new Glass PE V Concave Blade
The Glass PE paddles come with a brand new V concave blade for 2019. Super stable and smooth paddle strokes for the 90 in² blades.

Anti-twist system
In 2019 JP have introduced the anti-twist system on all their paddles (except Alloy). The slotted extensions in combination with the matching clamp also ensure perfect alignment of the paddle extension.

Tech specs

BLADE SIZE: 75 in²
WEIGHT: 880 g
LENGTH CM / INCH: 135 - 190 / 53" - 75"
WIDTH CM / INCH: 16.5 / 6.5"