JP Funstair Inflatable Windsurf Board 2015

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This inflatable version of a Funster offers the same basic concept like its hard board siblings but has great advantages. It can be rolled up and fits into the backpack it comes with which means that you won’t need a roof rack for transport and no big garage for storage.

Design details

INFLATABLE Drop Stitch Technology


It’s also considerably lighter than any hardboard of this size.The high tech drop stitch technology makes the board so stiff that you will easily get it planing but the surface itself is soft enough so that beginners won’t hurt themselves when falling on it.

Instead of a daggerboard it comes with an additional center fin which gives the board some disquareional stability to help avoid drifting and helps to go upwind. Being longer than the normal Funsters also helps with going upwind due to its longer waterline. This board offers so much fun and is a great family toy.

Tech specs


  • LENGTH: 285cm / 9'4"
  • WIDTH: 95cm / 379.5inch
  • VOLUME: 310 liters
  • W. INFLATABLE +/-6%: 10.4kgs/22.9lbs
  • FINS: 2 x 9.0"
  • SAILS: ideal: 4.5-6.0 rec.: 4.7-7.0

MW = Multi Wave SF = Side Fin SB = Slot box MT = Mini Tuttle box PB = Powerbox