JP Carbon 2-Piece Adjustable SUP Paddle 2019

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The 2019 JP Carbon 2 piece SUP Paddle has 100% Pre-preg Carbon CNC shaped high density PVC core blade with a 60% Pre-preg Carbon shaft is a great performance paddle. JP kept the “swing weight” low by using the full carbon blade. The 60% Pre-preg Carbon shaft is a better option for those looking for a slightly forgiving feel at a really low weight predominantly in waves or touring.

Design details

The concave V blades feature a generous ABS edge for the protection of your board and the blade. The handles are made of 100% Carbon.


Concave V Blade
The parallel outline in combination with the deep V concave provides a super stable and powerful catch. Even with a smaller size blade you can maximize the efficiency of your stroke with a minimal shoulder stress. The release is smooth for an easy transition towards the next stroke. The shapes are great for both racing and surfing.

Blade laminate
The blade of both the Carbon PRO and Carbon paddles is laminated with 100% Carbon pre-preg 3K fiber for the ultimate in light weight performance

ABS Edge
The durable ABS edge is well bonded to the prepreg fiber to make sure your paddle withstands impacts.

Anti-twist system
In 2019 JP have introduced the anti-twist system on all their paddles (except Alloy). The slotted extensions in combination with the matching clamp also ensure perfect alignment of the paddle extension.

Tech specs

BLADE SIZE: 83 in²
WEIGHT: 630 g
LENGTH CM / INCH: 160 - 215 / 63" - 85"
WIDTH CM / INCH: 17 / 6.7"

BLADE SIZE: 90 in²
WEIGHT: 660 g
LENGTH CM / INCH: 162 - 217 / 64" - 86"
WIDTH CM / INCH: 18 / 7.2"