JP AllRoundAir SE 2017 10'6 Inflatable SUP Windsurf Package

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We have teamed up the JP AllRoundAir SE 2017 10'6 Inflatable WindSUP Board with the STX PowerKid HD Dacron windsurf rig to create the complete SUP & Windsurf package. The narrower nose allows for minimal push of the water in the front, resulting in a faster glide with each paddle stroke.

Design details

JP AllRoundAir SE 2017 10’6 Inflatable WindSUP Board

SKU: 271091-10-6

The JP AllRoundAir SUP range covers the widest range of average paddler’s needs; from absolute beginners to those taking first white water runs, from beginner surfers to yoga enthusiasts. The Windsup model comes with an additional 10” center fin and a windsurfing mast plug.

TARGET GROUP: For beginners up to experts
SUITABILITY: For all conditions: flat-water up to small waves


10‘6“x32“ WINDSUP SE

Length (cm) 319
Width (cm) 81
Thickness (Inch/cm) 5“/12.7
Vol. (Liters) 256
Weight (kg/lbs) 9.0/19.8
Center Fin (PE) 9.0“+10.0”

LE = Light Edition
PE = Polyethylene

STX PowerKid HD Dacron Windsurf Rig

SKU: 407-70830-000

Sizes: 2.8m, 3.6m, 4.5m

Made out of Dacron sail cloth material which is long lasting and durable in combination with a two piece epoxy mast and a easymount boom. The whole rig, including adapter, ropeset and uphaul is packaged in a heavy duty tailored bag for easy travel and storage. The biggest sizes 5.0, 5.5 and 6.0 feature a full size SDM epoxy mast and a vario boom which is made to withstand the biggest surf.

The Power Kid HD Rig package contains:

  • High quality Dacron sail with 3 glass battens
  • 2 piece epoxy fibre mast
  • Easy to mount vario boom
  • Uphaul and ropeset
  • Mast adapter which fits on every QR Pin mastbase
  • Carry-all sailbag