Jobe Prolix Wakeboard 2017 Package

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Wakeboard Package Includes: Jobe Prolix 2017 Wakeboard, Jobe Unit 2017 Bindings

Design details

Package Includes:

Jobe Prolix 2017 Wakeboard

Sizes: 138cm, 143cm

Strap into the Prolix and transform into a beast on the rails. This canon is a true air trick monster that can handle all tricks. This semi-flex board will bring you to higher grounds. Equipped with a molded polyurethane core, hybrid rocker which features a blend of continuous and three-stage rockers and integrated fins.

Molded polyurethane core with built in ABS/plastic reinforcements inside the base rails and the molded fins to help the board sustain and survive better through rail grind and other park usage. ABS is a very strong and durable thermoplastic.

The “hybrid rocker” features a blend of “continuous” and “three-stage rockers” and brings the best of both worlds: fast pop and consistency. The aggressiveness of the 3-stage rocker and the stability of the continuous rocker is the perfect combination that makes these boards fast and stable.

Integrated fins improve the boards grip in the water and provide stability when landing.

Jobe Unit 2017 Bindings

Size UK 6.5-10 | US 7.5-11 | EU 40-44

With a cool renewed design the Jobe Units' are built for riders of all levels. These open toe bindings are adjustable in size making them accessible for a large range of foot sizes.

For a large range of various foot sizes. This makes the product perfect to share with friends or family!

Three levels and blends of foam provide a precise performance, superior impact resistance and pro level support. With the custom like fit, this is the liner your feet are screaming for.

Allows you to clinch down the laces to be completely locked in.

The flexible panel on the heels and/or ankles give you the freedom of movement you need during a ride once you’re wrapped into a rigid binding.