• Ion Strike Select BZ 4/3 DL Wetsuit 2020
  • Ion Strike Select BZ 4/3 DL Wetsuit 2020
  • Ion Strike Select BZ 4/3 DL Wetsuit 2020
  • Ion Strike Select BZ 4/3 DL Wetsuit 2020
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Ion Strike Select BZ 4/3 DL Wetsuit 2020

£316.62 ex VAT (USD447.64)

The 2020 Ion 4mm Strike Select is all about ultimate warmth and high quality materials.

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SKU: 48202-4403


Superior Warm Ultimate warmth thanks to Plasma Plush 2.0 combined with stretchy Hot Stuff 2.0 inside lining.

Power Seams Ultra slim outside sealing technology for a long lasting life span.

Optimum Stretch Limitless freedom of movement thanks to less panels and the use of our stretchiest linings.

Protection Crash Pads at shins.

Featuring a slightly wider cut specifically designed for solidly-built wind water sports athletes expecting the highest standards without compromise: maximum level of comfort and freedom of movement with the ultimate level of warmth all year round.

That is why it is equipped with ION's toasty warm PlasmaPlush 2.0 all the way down to the lower legs along with other heat-insulating features. On the outside, Drygrid ensures less water absorption, which results in increasing warmth and lightweight. In spots without thermo lining, super soft SilkStuff increases next-to-skin comfort to the max.


Leave the water in its rightful place down below, not in your wetsuit – Drygrid absorbs up to 30% less water. As a result, the wetsuit is lighter and cooling by evaporation is reduced. Last but not least the look of the Drygrid contributes to the sophisticated detailing.

Plasma Plush 2.0
Premium lining offering the best of heat retention and stretch. The high pile fabric traps air for snuggly warmth and insulation while the vertically aligned channel structure transports moisture away quickly – for a dry suit after your break in between sessions.

Silk Stuff
Smooth inside lining for a comfortable feeling on bare skin. Despite its snuggly appearance it proves to be really hard core when it comes to the interior's superb flexible characteristics.

Power Seams
Ultra slim outside sealing technology for a long lasting life span providing freedom of movement and comfort wrapped in a smart package. The Power_Seams adding a special touch and unique look to all ION Select models.

Maki Tape 2.0
Highly elastic neoprene tape reinforces the seams on the lower body and commonly stressed cuff area from the inside

I Foam
The new IFoam is replacing the VFoam and offers more stretch than ever!

Sweep Cut
Seam-free shoulder design for increased paddle reach and shoulder rotation.

Seam Reinforcement
All stress points are reinforced and secured by melco tape from the inside to ensure a longer lifespan of the seams.

Fused Edges
Embossed sleeve and leg ends for a sleeker and more durable finish.

Knee Hollow Embossing
Less material at the knee bends increases the freedom of movement when bending them.

Water Gate
Extra panel on the inside that seals off the back zipper and acts as a barrier preventing water from rushing into the wetsuit.

Again, this feature prevents water from rushing into the wetsuit by sealing off the cuffs and collar thanks to small rubber strips on the inside.

Drain Holes
Quick water release when needed in order to combat water accumulation inside the wetsuit. The Drain_Holes are secured in place from the inside and won't expand.

Leg Loop
All ION Strike with long legs are coming with detachable velcro LegLoops and plush panels above the ankle. The loops can be wrapped tightly around the ankle to prevent water from rushing into the suit. To avoid loosing the LegLoops whilst on the water, they come with a unique construction of extra strong velcro. If you choose not to use the velcro loops, they can be easily removed by hand. Front zip models don't have the plush panel, but do come with Leg Loops attached to the suit.

Sunglass Loop
A small webbing loop on the neck of wetsuits and tops to attach the safety line of ION sunglasses.

Elbow Hollow
Less material at the crook of the arm increases the freedom of movement when bending the arm.