• Ion Strike Core Semidry 5.5/4.5 DL Wetsuit 2018
  • Ion Strike Core Semidry 5.5/4.5 DL Wetsuit 2018
  • Ion Strike Core Semidry 5.5/4.5 DL Wetsuit 2018
  • Ion Strike Core Semidry 5.5/4.5 DL Wetsuit 2018
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Ion Strike Core Semidry 5.5/4.5 DL Wetsuit 2018

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The 2018 Ion Strike Core 5mm wetsuit is an awesome all-rounder! The new single lined back panel gives freedom of movement where needed, while the Crash Padz in the shins and rib area give confidence for progressive riding. Robust in design - thanks to the very durable nylon used in legs and torso.

Design details

SKU: 48802-4425

Progressive watermen who are ambitious to improve their riding skills.


Super Flex: Great overall range of movement, especially in the arms and legs.

Warm: Hot Stuff lining and Water Gate Plus construction.

Protection: Crash Padz at shins and ribs


All ION GBS semidry wetsuits (long arms and legs) are equipped with the Water Gate Plus batwing panel, placed on the back behind the zip. Its purpose is to act as a barrier against water which likes to seep into the suit via the back zip. The final touch to this feature is the glued blind-stitched seams, which are covered by extra sealing Neoprene Tape.

All stress points are reinforced and secured from the inside with Melco tape for increased lifespan. If you accidentally left the suit in the trunk of your car on a hot day, they can start to peel off. Don't panic! Gently use an iron over the affected area as the glue is activated by heat.

To improve flexibility and comfort, all ION wetsuits come with the Contour Cut. It greatly enhances flex in the collar, wrists, elbows and insteps.

In order to combat water accumulation inside the wetsuit we assure that quick water release is provided when needed. The Drain Holes are secured in place from the inside and won't expand.

All ION Strike with long legs are coming with detachable velcro Leg_Loops and plush panels above the ankle. The loops can be wrapped tightly around the ankle to prevent water from rushing into the suit. To avoid loosing the Leg Loops whilst on the water, they come with a unique construction of extra strong velcro. If you choose not to use the velcro loops, they can be easily removed by hand. Front zip models don't have the plush panel, but do come with Leg Loops attached to the suit.

Highly abrasion resistant. Great strength against tearing. Primarily used on knee panels or buttock area.

Enjoy the session and stop worrying about your keys. Just store them in the Key_Pocket inside the wetsuit at the backzip. Please note, only store water resistant keys in order to avoid any damage.

Additional Neoprene pads provide protection against pressure and impact, which can often cause injury to sensitive and vulnerable parts of the body (shins, ribs). The number of pads vary according to the suit and each pad consists of a special high density K Type Neoprene Foam to dampen the force of impact.