Hyperlite Kruz Boot with System Pro 2017

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Package includes: 2017 Hyperlite Kruz Wakeboard Boots and Hyperlite System Binding Pro Chassis 2017

Design details

Package Includes:

Hyperlite Kruz 2017 Wakeboard Boots

The 2017 Hyperlite Marek Boot interfaces with the System Binding allowing for a lightweight feel and maximum comfort.

Please remember each System Boot is designed to work exclusively with our System Binding. Both components are needed for use.

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Hyperlite System Binding Pro Chassis 2017

Colour: Rocket Red

The 2017 Hyperlite System binding is the ultimate in high performance wake footwear for boat and cable riders alike.

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System Sizes:

S/M: 6/9US 5/8UK
L/XL: 10/13US 9/12UK