Hyperlite HI Fi Party Shark 56 Wakesurf 2019


The Hyperlite Party Shark 56" 2019, inspired by Noah Flegel, pushing the limits by adding a Foot Strap Set to his Hi-Fi skim style shape. Hyperlite have reinforced the deck and added inserts for foot straps. Not only is this great for advancing your skills behind the boat the Hi-Fi Party Shark is a great tool for teaching others how to wakesurf with the addition of the straps. The outstanding part is, just remove the straps and ride the deck like the Hi-Fi is meant to.

Design details


  • Reinforced Lay-up
  • Dura-shell Construction
  • Carbon Composite Construction

New for 2019
* Fully Machined EVA Traction Pad
* EPS Core
* Removable foot strap set
* Minimal Rocker / Flat base
* Pintail Design