Hyperlite Hi-Fi 2017 Wakesurfer

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Hyperlite Hi-Fi 2017 Wakesurfer: Hyperlite's premier Skim Style surfer is set to take the tour by storm. Wake Surf fans rejoice, Noah Flegel delivers Hyperlite's first true Skim Style shape, the Hi-Fi.

Design details


Working together with shaper Aaron Stumpf they have created a fast, poppy and easy to spin shape that has Noah vying for the top spot in every competition he enters. Built with our new, exclusive Dura Shell construction, the Hi-Fi can take a beating without showing heel dents while delivering a light weight responsive ride. Top it off with a fully machined EVA traction pad and surf with all the control necessary to pull of the most difficult tricks.


  • Dura-Shell Construction

  • 360 Degree ABS Sidewall

  • Carbon Composite Construction

  • EPS Core

  • Minimal Rocker / Flat Base

  • Pintail Design

  • Fully Machined EVA Traction Pad