Hyperlite Forefront Wakeboard 2014

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The Forefront series takes the next step in toe-side engineering, enabling riders to advance their skills much quicker than before.

Design details

Sizes: 129cm, 134cm, 139cm, 144cm


Its top deck includes the first ever toe side footbed riser for additional leverage. The base of the Forefront features toe side channel extensions further enhancing edging and control. This is combined with four removable fins specifically designed to help aid your riding progression. Once you have mastered the toe side edge, the fins can be changed to a more traditional configuration. Never before has a board been equipped to truly grow with you as your skills progress.

FINS: 2 - .8" A-Wing SHAPED By: NELSON


*Continuous Rocker *Variable Edge Design *Small Molded-In Fins *Top Contours for Maximum Swing Weight Reduction *Monocoque Construction *Layered Glass *M6 Inserts