Hyperlite Byerly Jib Wakeboard 2014

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When Scott Bouchard and the Byerly team decide to build a new product, they always work to create the best in the category.

Design details

Sizes: 54", 56"

The JIB series is the first true flex board in the Byerly line and one that helps to redefine what a little flex can do for a shape. Beginning with the construction, this series features a fully machined Crossover Core that utilizes wood and foam stringers to create a durable board with all new softer flex characteristics. The JIB also features a 360 degree ABS sidewall and Sintered Enduro base to ensure your fun at the cable won't end after one season.


*Shaped by Butch *Fully Machined Crossover Flex Core *Woven Carbon Reinforcement *Tri-Ax Layered Glass *Multi-color ABS Sidewall *Beveled Center Edge *Shallow Tip/Tail Channels *Subtle Center Landing Feature *Sintered Enduro Base *Blended 3-Stage Rocker *High Gloss UV Clear Finish *M6 Insert Pack