Globe Sagano Bamboo Complete Skateboard

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The Globe Sagano Bamboo Skateboard - Cross cut and spliced bamboo top and bottom with a solid bamboo core, crafted from completely renewable wood sources and GLOBE First nature-based Eco-Resin is used for a long-lasting, earthfriendly construction.

Design details

Size: 26” x 7.5”
Construction: bamboo + Eco -Resin
Concave: steep wit h nose and tail kick
Trucks: 4.25” slant
Wheels: 56mm 78a retro

Pushing the boundaries of modern day manufacturing. From the woodburned Planks to the eco-friendly Sagano Bamboo, each one quality crafted and uniquely detailed from the latest in deck manufacturing techniques. Our Artisan skateboards are the perfect complement for the collector’s quiver.