Globe Geminon Drop-Down 41" Complete Longboard

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The Geminon Drop-Down 41in longboard complete from Globe comes with a super low to the ground feel for added stability and 9 plies of maple with Black Diamond composite bottom sheet for tremendous durability, stiffness and weight reduction. Then Globe threw in some incredible 180mm Slant Inverted trucks and speed addicted ABEC7 bearings.

Design details

The Geminon series incorporates the beauty of symmetry into a serious vehicle of reckoning. These roadsters ride low to the ground for greater stability, and have a symmetrical shape (so no front or back) ideal for free-riding. They all come with a fully color dipped and striped deck, and are versatile enough to cruise down hills or along the boardwalk.

GEMINON 41” drop-down

COLOUR: Fluoro Yellow/ Black

SIZE: 41” x 10”

CONSTRUCTION: black, new blue diamond

CONCAVE: drop down, “w” side-to-side

TRUCKS: 180mm slant reverse kingpin

WHEELS: 72mm 78a

Drop-down, striped deck with a super low to the ground feel. 9-Plies plus Black Diamond or new Blue Diamond composite bottom sheet for stiffness and weight reduction.