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    F-One Pocket Carbon V3 Kite Foil Board
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F-One Pocket Carbon V3 Kite Foil Board

From: £582.48
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Through the use of compact outlines, F-One have developed a complete range of boards with minimum length for maximum fun. The Pocket Carbon V3 foilboards offer tons of possibilities to enjoy foiling and engage into all kinds of turns or maneuvers.

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Design details


  • Amazing for Carving
  • Super lightweight
  • Bullet Proof Construction

Beveled rails, double concave, specific foiling outline with wide point well forward, these boards have all the shape features that make them easy and forgiving on the water. The range includes three sizes: 130x47cm, 120x46cm and the tiny 110x44cm to fulfill all advanced users. The 130 and 120 are equipped with a large deck pad, inserts for three footstraps. The 110 has the deck fully covered with pad and zero inserts for a dedicated strapless use. All feature the twin-track system for maximum compatibility.

Built around a structural but very light foam core with 100% carbon reinforcements, the POCKET Carbon foilboards are strong and super light. The solid cap construction will preserve the edges of the board. Easy to handle and more reactive than ever on the water, the POCKET Carbon will make your foiling more rewarding and bring you to the next level!


  • Full Pad
  • Inserts for 3 Straps
  • Twin Tracks
  • F-One foil straps (optional)

Tech specs

SIZE 110 120 130
DIMENSIONS 110 x 44cm 120 x 46cm 130 x 47cm
WEIGHT 2.55kg 2.65kg .80kg

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