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    F-One Foil Bar

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F-One Foil Bar

£415.82 ex VAT (USD587.89)

The new F-One Foil Bar is available in 50 and 60cm, and equipped with 13,14,15,17 or 19m long stiff lines.

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  • Available in 2 sizes: 50 & 60 cm
  • One line flag out system
  • Manual swivel to untwist your front lines
  • Only one bar for HALO or any DIABLO kite

Slim and lightweight, the clean design of the bar allows a comfortable and controlled ride.

In order to reduce drag and increase performance, the floats are removable.

The 60cm depower is made with a with a high density polyethylene sheath to reduce wear when sheeting in and out.

The hoist made of a fixed F-ONE pulley and a RONSTAN pulley with ball bearing system allows a precise tuning with no efforts.

The leader lines are adjustable from the knot scale inside the floats.

The F-One Foil Bar offers reliable safety functions such as the manual swivel on top of the quick release as well as the release set up on a single line.

The F-One Foil Bar is delivered with a short 40cm safety leash.