Fanatic Ray HRS BVI SUP Board 2014

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The Ray – the perfect blend of Cruiser and Raceboard, offering accessible speeds to everyday paddlers and experts alike.

Design details

Sizes: 11'0"x30" | 12'0"x31.75"

Designed to be effortless under paddle, the Ray is all about glide – step on board and you’ll see what we mean. Parallel rails maximize efficiency in the water, letting you trim the Ray to go fast. With a strong nod to our race series, the smooth curves combined with a continuous nose-to-tail rocker release water smoothly, and leave your paddle stroke without a hitch.

A sharp bow cuts through the water and the pulled-up profile prevents nose diving and wash over your feet. The flat-angled deck shape and thicker, fuller volume rails are forgiving for a dry and stable ride. To give you the freedom of adventure cruising we’ve also attached net-fixing inserts for carrying extra equipment. The Ray comes in two sizes to suit any size or style rider, male or female – the 11´0˝ in super-tough High Resistance Skin (HRS) or 12´0˝ in either HRS, or the HRS BVI LTD Edition to commemorate Fanatic’s sponsorship of the Hiho Virgin Islands event. All models come with one fin – the super-light US Box 9.75˝ ONE RaceAce fin. Go anywhere, ride happy – that’s the way with the Ray. Both Rays are supplied with a windsurfing mast base option.

What is the HiHo? The weeklong event offers a wonderful combination of adventure, racing and island discovery. Your home will be a luxury captained catamaran supplied by The Moorings. In the company of participants from around the World you will begin an odyssey through the beautiful British Virgin Islands. The HIHO fleet will visit Virgin Gorda, Anegada, The Baths, Beef Island, Sandy Cay, Jost Van Dyke, and more.

ONE RaceAce Fin The 9.75˝ RaceAce has been developed for race and touring board shapes in any conditions. It’s a fast foil with solid tracking, minimum draft and optimum entry rake angle that glides through weed or kelp. ONE fin technologies utilize high-modulus, pre-impregnated, heat cured, twill leave carbon fiber fabric that creates exceptional strength-to-weight-ratio and delivers a high-density, impact-resistant ABS edge.

Key Features

*Stretched outline maximizes waterline; wider nose and steadying square tail *CAD analysed smooth tail, nose and continuous curve rocker for clean release paddle motion *Extra volume in rails and raised stance section for dry ride *Water-cutting bow transforms in rounded tail V for release and stability *Net inserts for cruising convenience/transport *All models come with the super light ONE 9.75 RaceAce fin *Mastfoot insert for windsurfing option

HIGH RESISTANCE SKIN (HRS) High resistance composite technology – an optimum weight and durable construction for everyday use. A thick, durable outer skin gives the board hull a high strength, ding and impact resistance. Strategic use of glass reinforcements ensures an adequate stiffness. Used on the ProWave HRS, AllWave HRS, Ray, Fly HRS, Falcon HRS as well as on the Ripper with a kids-friendly EVA deck.