Fanatic Prowave HRS SUP Board 2014

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Pure surfing shapes designed for high-performance wave-riding, the ProWave collection is what Shortboardstyle SUP surfing is all about.

Design details

Sizes: 8'0" | 8'5" | 8'10" | 9'3" | 9'6"

For our ProWave range, it’s not about the glide – it’s about the ride. The well-regarded shapes in 8´0˝, 8´5˝, 8´10˝ and 9´3˝ remain unchanged for 2014, while we added two new shapes – the 9´6˝, to accommodate larger riders, and the 9´10˝ Semi Gun, offering the speed needed to catch truly giant surf.

The 9´6˝ retains the same shaping characteristics as the smaller boards in the line-up, but offering slightly more width and plenty more float at 153 liters of volume. The 9´10˝ Semi Gun is a slightly stretched version of the 9´9˝ Semi Gun, the first SUP to conquer the monstrous surf of Shipstern’s Bluff in Tasmania.

Set up as a Quad or a Thruster (2+1) these SUPs feel more like real Shortboard Surfboards than anything else. But balanced volume distribution and flat decks help them paddle easily and catch waves effortlessly. On the wave face, they make the most radical maneuvers effortless, whether it’s a hard-carving bottom turn or laid-out cutback. The ProWave – make every wave epic. Mastfoot insert for windsurfing option.

Key features

*Shortboard / performance nose outline and performance squash tail *Balanced volume flow bottom shape: mono concave entry transitioning into a V/double concave, offering easy wave catching and maximum drive *Real surf scoop rocker line with added nose kick, to prevent any nose diving *Quad / Thruster Fin set up with 5 futures boxes *CAD designed and analyzed *Mastfoot insert for windsurfing option

HIGH RESISTANCE SKIN (HRS) High resistance composite technology – an optimum weight and durable construction for everyday use. A thick, durable outer skin gives the board hull a high strength, ding and impact resistance. Strategic use of glass reinforcements ensures an adequate stiffness. Used on the ProWave HRS, AllWave HRS, Ray, Fly HRS, Falcon HRS as well as on the Ripper with a kids-friendly EVA deck.