Fanatic Fly WE SUP Board 2014

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The Fanatic Fly is their classic allround shape for any conditions and riders - from beginners to advanced!

Design details

Sizes: 10'0 | 10'6 | 11'0 | 11'6

CUSTOM WOOD (WE) Using a lightweight robust wood and glass fibre construction gives a very high strength to weight ratio. In combination with some extra glass reinforcements to absorb high forces we offer you a very durable layup, with light weight and unique wooden deck optic.


Fly 10’0” From first waves to tackling big surf, the Fly 10´0˝ is the perfect board for lighter to middleweight riders. The classic pintail shape offers turning ability and speed, while the lower-entry rocker helps the Fly catch every wave you want. Plenty of V in the tail lets this ten-footer maneuver like a much smaller board. Set up the Fly for optimum performance in any water condition using the tri-fin cluster. The 10´0˝ features a deluxe deck pad and is available in a lightweight, highperformance Wood Edition, as well as the HRS and standard Pure constructions. Mastfoot insert for windsurfing option.

Fly 10’6” If your spot typically serves up highly variable conditions, or you’re a heavier rider who needs more support and stability, the timeless shape of the 10´6˝ will meet all your needs. Sharper edges on the tails with soft rails toward the front lets the board grip and carve, yet maintain the glide of a classic shape. Flatter nose rocker and more pronounced curve in the tail offers easy paddling and turning ability. The flat deck and wide volume distribution makes the Fly 10´6˝ stable with plenty of float. Choose the lightweight Wood Edition for high performance, or select the HRS and standard Pure constructions for a great board that can be shared with family and friends who are just getting into SUP. Mastfoot insert for windsurfing option.

Key features

*CAD sculpted balance flow curves *True surfing rocker lines with flat V into full-V bottom for riding off-the-tail *Low nose entry for wave-catching and glide *Flat deck with volume wide on rails for stability *Soft rails up front and sharp tail edges for smoothpower riding