Fanatic Fly Bamboo SUP Board 2019


The 2019 Fanatic Fly Bamboo SUP is the quintessential SUP range for everyone. From newbie to the more experienced paddler, the Fly’s all-round shape provides an effortless and smooth glide across flat water, performing well in small to mid-sized waves. SUP is fun on the Fly!

Design details

SIZES: 9'6" | 10'6" | 11'2" | 11'2" Center Fin

Evolved from the early days of the sport, these shapes cater to all levels of experience. From those first steps onto a SUP, all the way through to those with decades of experience, the Fanatic Fly family comes in a broad range of sizes and constructions to accommodate every individual’s needs. The Fly Bamboo is available in all sizes starting with the 9’6” for lighter/medium weight riders, going up to the super stable and floaty 11’2” for the greatest deal of buoyancy. A great platform for entry-level riders, the Fly line is classic with performance characteristics that you can enjoy for years to come.

A lightweight bamboo wood / glass composite construction with great strength and unique optics. Combined with some extra glass reinforcements, it absorbs high impact forces. Overall a very durable layup with unique wooden deck optics and great weight / price ratio.


  • New construction Fly Bamboo Edition
  • 11’2” shape available in Standard and Centre Fin version
  • 10’6” available in classic and WB shape, with added volume / extra stability
  • Flat deck with volume pulled out to the rails for stability
  • CAD sculpted balance flow curves
  • True surfing rocker line with a flat into full V bottom for engaging carving sensations off the tail
  • Low nose entry for effortless wave catching and glide
  • Sharp tail edges with softer rails up the nose for smooth power riding and drive through the turns
  • 2 + 1 Fin Setup
  • Mastfoot insert for windsurfing option

Tech specs


Volume: 151 l
Width: 31'' / 78.7 cm
Length: 9'6'' / 289.6 cm
Weight: 9.0 kg
Fittings: US Box, Multi-Box Side Fins / 1x 8”, 2x 4 3/4
Recommended User Weight: 45-80 kg
Mastfoot Insert: Yes


Volume: 177 l
Width: 31” / 78.7 cm
Length: 10’6" / 320 cm
Weight: 10.1 kg
Fittings: US Box, Multi-Box Side Fins / 1x 8”, 2x 4 3/4
Recommended User Weight: 65-88 kg
Mastfoot Insert: Yes


Volume: 236 l
Width: 34” / 86.4 cm
Length: 11’2" / 340.4 cm
Weight: 12.0 kg
Fittings: US Box / 1x 8”
Recommended User Weight: 70-90 kg
Mastfoot Insert: Yes


Volume: 236 l
Width: 34” / 86,4 cm
Length: 11’2" / 340.4cm
Weight: 12.4 kg
Fittings: 1x US Box, 1x Powerbox / 1x 8", 1x Center Fin
Recommended User Weight: 70-95 kg
Mastfoot Insert: Yes