Fanatic Fly Air Premium Allround 10'6 Inflatable SUP Board 2015

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Whether it’s catching waves or exploring flat water, the 10'6 Fly Air is a perfect fit for you.

Design details


  • SUP Bag
  • Fins
  • Pump
  • FREE Mainland European Delivery
  • FREE 3-piece Paddle
  • FREE Waterproof Phone Holder
  • FREE Leash

Size: 10'6

Got small waves? It’s time to blow up. The Fly Air offers real surf action for any rider. Inspired by our outstanding Fly range of traditional SUP boards, the Fly Air features a stretched Longboard-style outline combined with lots of volume. This translates into plenty of easy glide, yet enough width to offer a truly stable ride. With a width of 31˝ for the Fly Air 9´0˝, evolving up to 34˝ inches of width for the new Fly Air 10´8˝, this is a board that can go toe to toe with any board on the market in terms of stability.

The smaller sizes have customizable fin options to help you rip up swell or simply improve maneuverability. For 2015, we’ll also introduce two new sizes – the 10´8˝ Fly Air, with 245 liters of volume to guarantee stability for even the most novice paddler, and the 10´0˝ Fly Air to bridge the gap between 9´0˝ and 10´6˝.

The Fly Air is available in both single-wall Stringer Construction and Premium Edition Double Layer Technology. Indestructible, light and forgiving – the Fly Air is the ultimate inflatable Funboard.

Tech specs

Key Features Fly Air Premium

  • Full Double Layer Technology from world’s most renowned manufacturer

  • Unmatched air pressure / stiffness due to quality materials and manufacturing process

  • Four sizes to choose from to suit any rider’s needs and weights

  • Full deck and base printing for outstanding optic, unmatched in industry

  • Glued side fins / removable center fin with zero tools needed

  • Quality footpad and handle, towing eyelets

  • Integrated deck net supplied for storage on deck

  • Top quality bag for storage and transport, paddle shoulder straps, inner storagepockets

  • Industry standard Bravo HP pump for top quality

  • Mastfoot insert for Windsurfing option


Special ergonomic backpack with padded shoulder straps, backside protection and special separate compartments for pump as well as fins and tools. Side compartment for paddle storage (3-pcs.)


"The first time I rode the Fly Air I was very impressed with the performance of this board. I didn't expect such planing abilities for an inflatable board, I really enjoyed the ride! I cruised on flat water and caught some waves as tool. And when the wind increased, I could also windsurf on it! The Fly Air is a fun allround board, and it´s so easy to transport, straight into the boot of the car!. Plus the Fly Air is quite handy for the beginners too, as its softer than a normal board in case they fall whilst learning. Last but not least the Fly Air Race edition is also awesome for racing. I had good fun at the Abu Dhabi World Cup last April and won the race with the 12'6 x 26'5. I'm looking forward to doing races all around the world with my race board in my normal check-in bag in the future!”



Simply put, this is the best technology available in the market. The highly durable 2nd layer material allows the boards to be inflated to an air pressure of more than 20 PSI – without compromising any materials. A stiff, responsive, high-performance ride that does what you want.

V-Drop Stitch

The material used for the Fly Air is a durable Tarpaulin PVC. On the inside of the Fly Air thousands of nylon threads connect the deck with the bottom of the board to keep it in a functional and performing shape.