Fanatic Fly Air Fit Platform 2016

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The complementary platform for Fanatic's Fly Air Fit inflatable board. At 20cm thick and wide in width it can hold more than 1000l of volume. Created to act as the stable base for every SUP school, fitness centre, hotels or indoor/outdoor pools, the Fly Air Fit Platform is the ultimate podium.

Design details

As featured in several magazines, SUP-Fitness and SUP-Yoga has really come into fashion and is ‘the thing’ to be doing. The workout takes place on a moving, balancing platform such as a SUP, and is the most efficient way to target strength, balance and coordination for the entire body.

The Fly Air Fit Platform is the ultimate docking station for up to eight SUPs, and was designed to be the perfect match for our Fly Air Fit boards and their multiple connection eyelets. However, regular inflatable or hardboard SUPs can also be connected by their leash insert or towing eyelet with our Fly Air Fit insert set.

Built to last, it comes in our high quality and extra thick Double Layer Technology.

Multiple eyelets below the platform ensure a safe anchorage to the sea bottom.

Key Features

  • Special high quality (20cm) Double Layer Technology, top materials and manufacturing process from the worlds most renown manufacturer
  • Multiple connection eyelets for up to eight Fly Air Fit boards or regular SUPs
  • Multiple connections for anchorage, securing on-shore or to a jetty
  • Comfortable and grippy deck pad
  • Comes with two ergonomic Fanatic Power Pumps & Wheely-Bag

Tech specs


  • Volume: 1000+ l
  • Width: 10'/ 304.8 cm
  • Length: 10'/ 304.8 cm
  • Thickness: 7.9”/ 20 cm
  • Recommended User Weight: 30 - 100+ kg
  • Fittings: -
  • Mastfoot Insert: -
  • Article Number: 13600-1142
  • Colour Codes: 186 C


Built to last. Our Double Layer (HD) Technology is an inflatable construction for heavy duty usage. A triple layer rail construction (Viper Air & Rapid Air only) ensures better stiffness and durability. For the Ripper Air Windsurf we use a Double Layer rail construction only to save some weight. Stiffness and performance is guaranteed, as the Double Layer HD Technology takes more than 20 PSI of air pressure if needed.