Fanatic Falcon 12'6 x 26.75 SUP Board 2016

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The 2016 Falcon is the weapon of choice in all-round SUP racing. From flat water to extreme open ocean conditions, the Falcon will get you there first.

Design details

  • Low entry rocker line with smooth curve in nose section for optimized water line in slight chop and flat water conditions
  • High apex in nose area with a soft bottom for uninterrupted glide over chop and forgiving steering when catching runners
  • Hard release edges from center to tail for maximum stability and clean water release
  • Flat V-deck shape in the standing area for quick water drainage
  • Volume pulled all the way to the rails for maximum stability
  • New low volume bow in the nose to minimize side wind effects and reduced nose weight
  • Clean open deck for easy manoeuvring and kick turns
  • Super light weight construction
  • CAD analysed surfaces and curve flow
  • 12’6”: wider tail for increased surfing and turning abilities
  • 14’0”: Drop pintail outline for maximum control and reduced lift and drag off the tail

Tech specs

Volume: 269 l
Width: 26.75” / 67.9 cm
Length: 12’6” / 381 cm
Weight*: 9.90 kg
Recommended User Weight: 70-90 kg
Fittings: SUP Race L 22 cm RTM; US Box
Mastfoot Insert: No

*Weight tolerances of ± 6% (HRS ± 8%, Pure ± 9%) possible