F-One Mitu Convertible 2017 Foilboard

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The 2017 F-One Mitu Convertible is a board that is perfect for surf and foiling.

Design details

Everyone is aware that kiteboarding is an expensive sports. We have therefore decided to offer the MITU MONTEIRO pro model surf in 5’6’’ / 5’8’’ / 5’10’’ in its “convertible” version (ie: equipped with a KF-BOX).

The deep concave on the bottom of the board provides great acceleration to lift off easily while the proven rocker and outline of the board make the transitions really easy and progressive when they are done on the water. The large pad designed for strapless riding enable a wide riding stance for maximum comfort and stability.

With its very efficient and all around shape combined with the new construction HDFOAM FLEX COMPOSITE, tough and light, the surf MITU MONTEIRO Convertible is the perfect board to stop worrying about missing a session without loading your quiver.

  • Nose channel
  • Front pad kick
  • Compact grab rail
  • Increased versatility
  • Amazing feeling !!

EQUIPMENT * Full pads
* FUTURES® fins
* FUTURES® box
* K.F BOX (+ box shutter)
* F-ONE surf straps (optional)

Tech specs

Size 5’6’’  5’8’’  5’10’’ 
Dimensions 166.5 x 46.5 cm 171.5 x 47 cm  176.5 x 48.5 cm 
Volume 19 L 20 L 21 L
Weight 3.450 kg* 3.670 kg* 3.750 kg*
Box K.F Box K.F Box K.F Box