F-One Kitefoil 2016

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The F-One kitefoil is the new weapon of choice to not only ride, but truly fly over the water.

Design details

Accessible and really progressive, the F-ONE KITEFOIL is the new weapon of choice to not only ride, but truly fly over the water.

Foiling is more than a new discipline; it’s a whole new world. The F-ONE kitefoil has been developed with the most experienced foil riders and every element of the foil has been designed to deliver the best imaginable experience out on the water whether you about to start or if you already master the magic of foiling.

With innovation deeply rooted into its DNA, the F-ONE team has worked tirelessly to design, engineer, test and optimize this new piece of equipment. The shapes and profiles have been carefully selected and optimized by F-ONE’s in-house naval architect and the foil assembly concept was completely thought back towards ease of use.

Tech specs

F-ONE 88 cm Mast

With a depth of 88 cm, the mast offers great performances and comfort without being intimidating or proving too long when starting off in onshore winds or shallower waters.

Using a specific profile promoting laminar flow to reduce friction, the mast keeps a thickness of 12 mm all along its bottom half to ensure minimum drag. The profile thickness then increases rapidly towards the top of the mast for more stiffness. Torsion and bending motions are locked by its elaborate one shot construction to make the mast super stiff. The mast is fitted with the proven KF-BOX equipped with two fixing screws for more reliability.

F-ONE Freeride Wing 595 cm²

We wanted to design a wing that was truly versatile and progressive. When we realized that even the most experienced within our team loved to ride with the wing we had developed for novice riders, we knew we had succeeded. With a span of 58 cm and a surface area of 595 cm² this blade has enough grunt to lift you out of the water effortlessly even in marginal conditions but will remain easy and fluid to handle even at pace thanks to its refined profile. Built using Pre-preg carbon over a Forged Carbon central core, the stiffness of the blades has been finely tuned to make it as stable and predictable as possible.

With great directional control and plenty of surface area to rely on, the F-ONE freeride wing can be pressed hard to reach higher speeds if this is what you’re after and will be the key to successfully mastering air jibes and other flying maneuvers.

F-ONE Freeride Stabilizer 305 cm²

The one-part stabilizer and fuselage unit fits directly into the FCD bottom of the mast, plug and play, no fiddling around, it’s as simple as that. Built entirely out of forged carbon, the freeride stabilizer is rock solid and thanks to the FCD system, we were able to extend the fuselage way back for maximum stability without compromising its transportability. Equipped with generous winglets, the stabilizer blade offers fantastic control with enough surface area to provide full confidence when learning. Its profile and angle of attack were tuned to achieve a more intuitive balance which will help you get your foiling maneuvers in more easily.