F-One Fish Kite Surfboard 2014

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F-One Fish boards are high performance surf boards designed for light wind use.

Design details


5'6" - 167.5 x 49.5 cm 5'10" - 177.5 x 54 cm

They're so good that they are able to generate apparent wind thanks to their sheer speed. Featuring straight rocker lines they can get on the plane very early while their rounded and compact outline offer them really good maneuverability in the surf. It is this successful shape combination that has made our FISH boards so popular for the past 4 years.

The line is now made of the two most popular sizes: the 5'10" and the 5'6". With their distinct volumes there will be a fit for all kind of riders looking for a light wind and small wave board. For riders below 80kg, the 5'6" is recommended while the 5'10" will be a better for those above 80kg. The 5'10 has more volume packed up and will provide more floatability to plane early. The 5'6 is more playful and manageable.


Double Bamboo Deck The board deck is strengthened in its core, with a sandwich construction made of two layers of bamboo. Thanks to this process, the board is more resistant to dents.

Full Bamboo The Full Bamboo construction has been developed to strengthen the hull and the deck of the board. An optimal ratio weight/resistance has been achieved!

Pad The front pad is perfectly nested into the specific shape of the Camel Deck and this has enabled us to use some ultra-thick EVA, up to 1cm on most of the front part. This guarantees a unique comfort whether riding strapped or strapless, the latter being more traumatic. The pad extends quite far on the front deck to fit nicely with the specific stance required for strapless riding.


*Full pads *FUTURES fins *FUTURES box *F-ONE surf straps (optional)