F-One Breeze V2 Kite

From: £774.00

The F-one Breeze V2 is one of the most user-friendly one strut kites on the market today, incredible light wind ability matched with absolute ease of use.

Design details

Sizes: 3 | 4 | 5 | 7 | 9 | 11 | 13 | 15 | 17 m

The F-One Breeze V2 is for anyone who wants a light weight set up that offers incredible handling with great low-end performance. Now with a range of sizes going from 3m2 to 17m2, it is the perfect kite for light wind freeriding and foiling in any conditions. Thanks to its stability and light weight, the Breeze can show off interesting performance in light wind wave riding too.


  • Ultra lightweight
  • Unbeatable low wind performance
  • Exceedingly stable, even when overpowered
  • Total control with excellent bar feedback
  • Great speed control on a foil
  • Easy relaunch with reverse launch capabilities too