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    ESEA SUP Leash with built in carry strap
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ESEA SUP Leash with built in carry strap

£29.96 ex VAT (USD41.19)

The ESEA SUP strap is a beautifully simple concept that cleverly transforms a standard ankle leash into a priceless over the shoulder carry strap for your paddleboard… and back again, in seconds.

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SIZE 1: 9' - 9'10
SIZE 2: 9'11 - 10'8
SIZE 3: 10'9 - 11'6
SIZE 4: 11'7 - 12'6

The ESEA STRAP Carry Leash comes in four size options to cater for hardboard and inflatable paddle boards between the sizes of 9ft and 12ft 6Inch, however our largest leash has been proven to work effectively on slimmer race/touring shape paddle boards up to 14ft!


Because its primary function will always be a leash, we have ensured the neoprene padding that hugs your ankle is thick and comfy, this also means extra comfort when carrying your board.

The carry system itself works by storing an adjustable webbed loop discreetly within an integrated pocket.

To access the carry strap, simply remove the loop from the pocket, sling over the nose of your board, slide the ankle cuff to the centre of the board and carry on the shoulder furthest away from the board (or whichever is more comfortable for you).

The nose loop has an adjustable buckle which can be slackened or tightened depending on the shape of your board, this can be easily adjusted and affects what height the board is carried at.

All ESEA leashes are elasticated and made from ultra-strong marine strength shock cord and webbing, this is not only an integral part of our unique carry system but also helps prevent the leash from dragging in the water whilst in use, which in turn reduces the likelihood of the leash snagging on anything in the water which may cause an accident.