CWB The Standard Wakeboard 2015

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In designing this totally new board, I wanted to end up with a fast shape that pops really well off the wake while still landing soft. I chose a continuous rocker pattern for consistency and ease of tracking up the wake.

Design details

The subtle bottom features keep the board fast, while the four fins give just the right amount of grip for smooth tracking and predictable landings. The fins can be removed for a quick trip to the cable. The bottom shape of this board makes it as comfortable on rails as it is on the wake. The relatively wide tip and tail give a consistent and strong pop off the wake. The center V-tech feature in the tip and tail area, combined with the thin profile in the tip and tail, allows the slightest flex on impact, giving you unbelievably soft landings. The subtle lifted rails make the board forgiving for both beginners and pros. I have never hopped on a board and felt so comfortable. It`s by far the best board I have ever ridden! - Josh Twelker

  • Continuous rocker
  • 4 adjustable bolt on fins
  • Wide throughout for pop
  • Slight V-Tech in tip and tail create soft landings
  • Subtle lifted rail add forgiveness
  • Subtle channels for just enough grip
  • Designed for: Advanced/ Expert