CWB Groove Wakeboard 2015

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Kaesen Suyderhoud rides his Groove with ridiculous style whether it's on features or behind a boat. This board is a little wider at the tip and tail providing extra surface area for riding rails, fun boxes and anything else you like to slide on.

Design details

Set it up with the Prizm boots and the 8-up inserts to get maximum flexibility out of the board. If you're taking laps behind a boat bolt on the four 1 in. fins. They provide just enough grip to make this a fun, poppy board on a wake.

  • Designed, shaped and ridden by Kaesen Suyderhoud
  • Variable height ABS rail extends into board for strength
  • Triax layup
  • Xtrans base for strength and slickness
  • Flat bottom design catch free on rails
  • 8-up inserts - flex your deck
  • Four glass filled nylon fins
  • Continuous rocker
  • Designed for: Park/Boat