CR:X Neilpryde One-Design Kite Package

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The CR:X Neilpryde One-Design Kite Package includes: 7m, 10m, 13m CR:X kites, CR:X control system, and CR:X pump. The CR:X kite is a three-strut bow design, optimised for low-end power due to its full bodied profile. CR:X kite is designed to maximize power in light winds while ensuring effortless control in strong winds.

Design details


CR:X delivers a feeling of performance with its sharp turning ability and precise handling; it's tuned to deliver the performance and power needed for racing around a course. CR:X is extremely easy to re-launch in light winds due to the lightweight, three-strut design.

Around the track CR:X delivers exceptional upwind performance and a remarkable amount of power when bearing off the wind on a downwind reach. The unique shape of the CR:X kite allows more experienced riders a welcome mix of power and control.


With a lifetime of experience working in windsurf & kite design for the Pryde Group brands, the Pryde design team have an ability to design to a brief with refined accuracy and attention to detail that is second to none. The Group's kite design are well known within the kiteboarding industry — we would humbly argue the very best.

The design team were asked to design a kite that can transform a first time racer from their first lessons, all the way to the top of the podium. The brief was to design a kite that has an incredibly wide wind range, a kite that is easy to handle and relaunch, with a very efficient VMG. After months of extensive development and testing — this is exactly what the team delivered.

The Neilpryde kite design team have a very strong working relationship with their board/foil designers Dave and Sue Kay. Their partnership on this project has produced an entirely new concept of convertibility and versatility. The team has created a winning combination of performance, ease of use and affordability, for a whole new generation of racers.


The CR:X Control System is lightweight, high performance, safe and easy to use. The comfortable EVA grip, combined with our functional floating bar end design, allows for a durable high performance race system that is easy to adjust.

Single Line Flagging System with a High V connection reduces landing line friction for a very safe and easy release, when needed. The Mainline Depower is covered in a durable multibore tube that stops line pinching and prolongs durability. The rear lines are adjustable at the bar or the kite end, allowing for fast easy modifications for body size.

The Quick Release (QR) connection method allows for a safe release in all conditions, with an easy push away motion and one handed reset. The molded security pin reduces the chances of foul-hooking and ensures a strong connection.

Tech specs


Design Profile:

  • Sizes = 7m / 10m / 13m
  • 3 strut construction = good in light winds, but keeps stability in higher winds
  • Easy relaunching in all wind conditions
  • Designed to fly forward, but not compromise downwind performance during racing


  • High strength ripstop canopy material
  • NeilPryde exclusive Dacron used for the leading edge and wing reinforcement
  • Compact pulley less bridle made from low stretch bridle line.

Features and Benefits:

  • A and B settings to tune the feel of the kite as per the rider's preference on bar travel and bar pressure
  • Single Point Inflation system with high flow valves and quick dry Silicone covers that do not absorb or hold water
  • Rear line trim adjustment
  • Low control bar pressure

Size and Code:

  • 7m - XO0KO000
  • 10m - XO0KO000
  • 13m - XO0KO000


Control Bar:

  • 55cm to be used on all the CRX kites
  • Stainless steel centre fitting that is same size as rest of bar for even bar diameter throughout
  • Soft EVA bar ends and floats
  • Rear line adjustment under the bar floats

Trim System:

  • Race style with stainless steel cleat
  • Long tail that is easy to reach for even the smallest rider
  • 4 to 1 purchase for effortless trimming
  • Single Line Flag and high V ensures hang-up free safety and easy resetting.
  • High V also enables better kite tuning for racing

Quick Release:

  • Push away for easy deployment
  • Easy to reset with one hand


  • Strong stainless steel clip for attachment to SLF line and an easy to operate industry standard final release.


  • CR:X 7m, 10m, 13m Kites
  • CR:X Control System
  • CR:X Pump