CR:X Neilpryde One-Design Hydrofoil Kiteboard

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The CR:X Neilpryde One-Design hydrofoil kiteboard is ideal for light winds, upwind/downwind course racing and long distance races. The hydrofoil brings a higher level of excitement but also technicality to the CR:X package. Athletes need to have experience handling the board in twin tip mode, before progressing to the hydrofoil.

Design details

The CR:X foil package has been designed to promote progressive racing. The moderate aspect ratio wing is fast yet forgiving. The wing profile allows the first time foiler to easily lift up at low speeds, yet the wings have low enough drag that the athlete can drive the foil at speed around the race course.


A unique feature of the CR:X foil package is the ability to change the angle of attack of the rear wing. This is possible due to different shim sizes that may be adjusted based on the individual's preferences. This allows a first time rider to increase the angle and provide more lift, making it easier to get foiling. As the rider's skills progress they may reduce this angle thus reducing drag and increasing top end speed and performance.


The CR:X foil wings are molded from a super tough carbon composite, ensuring they are durable and hard-wearing. The consistency of the construction of each wing is critical, as the equipment must be the same for each athlete. To achieve this the wings are molded under very high pressure, providing a high quality and consistent finish.

Mast & Fuselage

Both the mast and fuselage are made from aircraft grade 6061 aluminium that is stiff, lightweight, durable and affordable, in comparison to a full carbon piece. The Titanium bolts reduce effects of corrosion. All bolts in the CR:X package use the same compact hex tool provided in the CR:X kit, removing the need to travel with a full range of tools and spares.

In hydrofoil mode the board can be fitted with either a central two-strap setup for freeriding or a three-strap racing setup. The footstraps are comfortable on the feet due to the premium neoprene used in construction. The high grip layer on the inside of the strap increases the connectivity with the board at speed, improving control and handling characteristics whilst foiling.

Tech specs


  • Board 145 x 45cm
  • Fuselage 70cm
  • Mast 95cm
  • Best suited to a range of rider sizes and abilities
  • Paulownia wood core, ABS rails, strong fiberglass lamination and full deck of EVA

Foil Mode:

  • Can be configured with 2 or 3 straps
  • Foil kit consists of mast, fuselage, moderate aspect wings & shims
  • Shims allow for 3 degrees of angle of attack adjustment of the wings to suit riders of different weights
  • Titanium mounting hardware - lightweight and durable
  • Front and rear foil wings are carbon composite construction with durable impact resistant leading edge.

Mounting Hardware:

  • Titanium screws reduce corrosion; all hardware has the same 5mm hex head that can be mounted with one tool - which is supplied.


  • CR:X Board
  • CR:X Hydrofoil
  • CR:X Straps x3