CR:X Neilpryde One-Design Complete Package

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The CR:X Neilpryde One-Design Complete Package includes: 7m, 10m, 13m CR:X kites, CR:X control system, CR:X pump, CR:X board, CR:X TT bindings, CR:X Hydrofoil, CR:X footstraps, and CR:X travel bag.

Design details

Neil Pryde have distilled everything they learned in kiteboarding and formula windsurfing and applied it to the CR:X. CR:X equipment has been engineered to be as light and as fast as possible, while remaining easy to use by athletes of varying weights and sizes.

CR:X is built for an extraordinary wind range, from 8-30 knots, and it can be comfortably handled by even the lightest riders. The CR:X kite has been made with durable, lightweight materials, ensuring a consistent and complete performance.

The CR:X features a three-strut kite that comes in three sizes, one control system and a convertible kite board. This all fits, alongside an HP pump, into a 145cm airline-friendly travel bag.

As CR:X may be raced in hydrofoil or twin tip mode, the wind range covered is wide. Organisers of events can ensure that racing will happen in almost all conditions and competitors can maximize their time on the water.

The CR:X Class has been created to provide a pathway for aspiring athletes to hone their skills and perfect their technique and tactics before moving towards higher performance kite racing.

Tech specs


Design Profile:

  • Sizes = 7m / 10m / 13m
  • 3 strut construction = good in light winds, but keeps stability in higher winds
  • Easy relaunching in all wind conditions
  • Designed to fly forward, but not compromise downwind performance during racing


  • High strength ripstop canopy material
  • NeilPryde exclusive Dacron used for the leading edge and wing reinforcement
  • Compact pulley less bridle made from low stretch bridle line.

Features and Benefits:

  • A and B settings to tune the feel of the kite as per the rider's preference on bar travel and bar pressure
  • Single Point Inflation system with high flow valves and quick dry Silicone covers that do not absorb or hold water
  • Rear line trim adjustment
  • Low control bar pressure

Size and Code:

  • 7m - XO0KO000
  • 10m - XO0KO000
  • 13m - XO0KO000


Control Bar:

  • 55cm to be used on all the CRX kites
  • Stainless steel centre fitting that is same size as rest of bar for even bar diameter throughout
  • Soft EVA bar ends and floats
  • Rear line adjustment under the bar floats

Trim System:

  • Race style with stainless steel cleat
  • Long tail that is easy to reach for even the smallest rider
  • 4 to 1 purchase for effortless trimming
  • Single Line Flag and high V ensures hang-up free safety and easy resetting.
  • High V also enables better kite tuning for racing

Quick Release:

  • Push away for easy deployment
  • Easy to reset with one hand


  • Strong stainless steel clip for attachment to SLF line and an easy to operate industry standard final release.



  • Board 145 x 45cm
  • Fuselage 70cm
  • Mast 95cm
  • Best suited to a range of rider sizes and abilities
  • Paulownia wood core, ABS rails, strong fiberglass lamination and full deck of EVA

TT Mode:

  • 60mm fins, Dual density pads, adjustable footstraps, dual density handle
  • Three stance options to suit variety of rider sizes

Foil Mode:

  • Can be configured with 2 or 3 straps
  • Foil kit consists of mast, fuselage, moderate aspect wings & shims
  • Shims allow for 3 degrees of angle of attack adjustment of the wings to suit riders of different weights
  • Titanium mounting hardware - lightweight and durable
  • Front and rear foil wings are carbon composite construction with durable impact resistant leading edge.

Mounting Hardware:

  • Titanium screws reduce corrosion; all hardware has the same 5mm hex head that can be mounted with one tool - which is supplied.


  • CR:X 7m, 10m, 13m Kites
  • CR:X Control System
  • CR:X Pump
  • CR:X Board
  • CR:X TT Binding Set
  • CR:X Hydrofoil
  • CR:X Straps x3
  • CR:X 145cm Travel Bag