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    Cabrinha X:Breed 2020 Kite Foil Package
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Cabrinha X:Breed 2020 Kite Foil Package

£1,407.45 ex VAT (USD1,934.82)
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Foil Package Includes: Cabrinha X:Breed 2020 Kite Foilboard, Cabrinha HI:Rise Carve Kite Foil, 2 x foot straps.

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Design details


Package Includes:

Cabrinha X:Breed 2020 Kite Foilboard

5’1” x 18” x 2” x 20.4L
5’3” x 18.5” x 2.04” x 21.6L
5’5” x 19.07” x 2.07” x 23.9L

A rider who wants a board that crosses seamlessly between surf and freestyle with the added ability to attach a hydrofoil.

Includes: Three (3) RTM hybrid bamboo/soric fins, rear deck pad (Front pad and straps sold separately)

Cabrinha HI:Rise Carve Kite Foil

The Cabrinha HI:RISE Carve kite foil is specifically designed for any rider looking for a diverse wing set, which will take you from your first steps, to next level freeride and waves.


Chord: 226mm
Projected area: 116,508.2 mm
Wingspan: 685.4mm
AR: 4.0
Volume: 2,024,170 mm

Set includes:
Top socket, mast, fuselage, grease, wing protectors, foam insert, 5mm allen key (5mm). Component screws: m8x25mm (4pcs), m8x40mm (4pcs), Front wing screws: m8x45mm, m8x40mm, m8x27mm, rear wing screws: m8x20mm (2pcs).

Foot Straps x 2

Designed for riders looking for a great, user friendly and simple strap for foiling or kite surfing, the Ultralight strap is a minimal coverage strap that provides maximum board connection. The comfortable and lightweight footstrap keeps you locked in with a direct feel. The Ultralight non-adjustable strap gives you the perfect fit and foot placement stability when you ride.

Symmetric entry, contoured outline, dual density