Cabrinha Proto Kite Surfboard 2015

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The Proto Reo Stevens pro model is our advanced surfboard model. The shape lends itself to stronger winds and side shore surf conditions. The Cabrinha Proto is capable of surfing larger waves than the Phenom or Secret Weapon.

Design details

Reo Stevens Signature Model

5’7” x 18.9” x 2.1"
5’10” x 19.2” x 2.2”

This 3 fin model is ideal for down the line, side shore surfing. Its narrower outline and straighter rail shape is perfect for pushing turns at higher speeds. Yet, the generous use of rocker makes the board loose and snappy off the top.

Rider Profile:
excels in side shore, down the line surf. Ideal for down the line kitesurfing in chest high to double overhead waves.

Why You’ll Love It

  • Smooth and drivey bottom turns with just the right amount of release for a variety of top turns
  • Single to double concave bottom
  • Wider nose offers lift under your front foot for freestyle tricks
  • Thruster fin set up
  • Custom cut hex pod pads

Tech specs

Basalt is a natural volcanic fiber which offers vibration resistance and durability while maintaining a high strength to weight ratio. Naturally produced absent of toxic additives. The combination of wood core, with basalt laminate provides a flex characteristic which is unique to Cabrinha.

Bamboo + Cork Construction
All 2015 surfboards are constructed with our ultra durable Basalt + Cork sandwich layup. The basalt sandwich construction features a super light (200gsm?) EPS core and basalt reinforcement layer on both the top and bottom of the board.

Pod Pads
Strategically placed hex shaped pods of EVA cover only the most crucial section of the board to allow easy repositioning of your feet. The hex pads are hollow to reduce weight.

Surfboards - Designed by Pete Cabrinha
This season we offer an all new range of surfboards to cover a much wider range of conditions. The most important changes have been made in the areas of width, volume, and construction. Wider widths and higher volumes have been implemented in the area most needed. Each board in the range is very different from the other which presents a completely different surfing or freestyle experience with each model.

General Rules

Length is the first place to start when choosing a board. A general rule for choosing a kite board is to ride a board which is approximately 2-3 inches smaller than your height.

Width of a board helps determine the volume as well as how much curve the board’s outline will have. Wider boards generally have more curve (as well as more volume). Wider boards are lively under your feet, especially in lighter winds or smaller waves.

Volume is an important factor when choosing a board. Volume is made up of a combination of length, width, and the board’s thickness. Volume is an important element, especially in lighter winds and smaller waves. However, when the wind is strong and the waves are bigger, too much volume will work against you.