Cabrinha FX & Slingshot Vision Package

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Kitesurf Package Includes: Cabrinha FX Kite, Cabrinha Overdrive 1X Recoil with Quickloop, Slingshot Vision 2016 Kiteboard.

Design details

Package Includes:

Cabrinha FX 2017 Kite

The 2017 Cabrinha FX kite is perfect for riders that mix hooked and unhooked freestyle tricks, love huge jumps & kite loops. The Cabrinha FX 2017 fills the gap between freestyle and freeride kitesurfing to create the perfect crossover kite.

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Cabrinha Overdrive 1X 2017 Recoil with Quickloop

The Cabrinha Overdrive 1X 2017 Recoil Control System with Quickloop can quickly change the length from 48cm to 56cm.

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Slingshot Vision 2016 Kiteboard

For the 2016 Slingshot Vision they have blended high tech manufacturing with classic wood core construction to create this freeride and freestyle twin tip which gives the board unmatched flex and resiliency.

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No bindings are listed with this package. Please call us to get 20% off any 2017 bindings with this package.