Cabrinha Custom 2016 Kiteboard

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The Cabrinha Custom 2016 kiteboard is designed for progressive wakestyle kiteboarding, offering excellent pop and resilience on flat water and kickers.

Design details

The 2016 Custom wakestyle board has a deep progressive double concave to centre V bottom shape, with raised rail channels provide catch free transitions, and enhanced grip particularly when riding finless. Its outline shape has a hipped curve for power control, while keeping your ride incredibly smooth and dry in choppy conditions.

The 2016 Custom is built with Cabrinha's distinguished combination of Parabolic Rails and Volcanic Basalt. The Parabolic Rails provide a stiff centre section and deliver a responsive tip and tail flex. The Volcanic Basalt offers vibration resistance and durability, while keeping its weight to a minimum. The high rocker profile makes less work for the rider when rolling into inverted tricks and makes launching and landing effortless. Ultrabond PU rails provide the ultimate impact resistance. The M6 insert blocks keep you solidly connected, particularly when using boots.

Sizes: 133 x 40 / 136 x 41 / 139 x 42 / 142 x 43

Features & Benefits:

  • The legendary wakestyle board
  • Excellent power control
  • Turns choppy water into your personal skate park
  • Smooth easy landings
  • Huge pop
  • Works great with multiple connection options
  • Includes 30mm fins, handle & mounting hardware.

New for 2016:

  • Revised laminate for slightly less weight
  • Gloss finished deck
  • Bigger handle and semitransparent fins.



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