Brunotti High Performance Accessories Set 2014

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The Brunotti adjustable strap the perfect strap for everyone who is looking for a secure and comfortable feeling while riding.

Design details

Adjustable straps

Our new developed straps are especially designed to be as versatile as possible. They need to secure small feet, but in the same time support cold water freaks with boots. We managed to succeed by using 3 adjustments points, and support them by full range Velcro strips. This means we have a full range adjustability at every side of the strap. Which can make the strap super small, and very big.

Apart from that we incorporated "angle adjustment" in the strap. This makes sure you can adjust the angle of the strap, making the strap comfortable for everyone.

High Performance pads

Our fully independent designed high performance footpads offer all the stability and support you need while riding. The ergonomically designed footpads are specially designed to eliminate high pressure points, and spread all the pressure evenly under your feet.

Apart from that we have incorporated "side control". The side control flaps will make sure your foot is secured from sideways movement, and will never hit any hard parts from the pad or strap.

Part of the "side control" system are the wings which hold the strap in place. These wings make sure you can adjust the strap back and forth, depending of the size of you foot. But they also make sure the strap cant move sideways, and therefore will give you an extra secure feeling when riding.

To make sure everybody can ride the high performance pads with comfort we had both heel and mid-foot comfort adjustment. This means you can adjust the damping and height on both mid-foot and heel sections.

All of this makes our High performance pads suitable for almost any foot out there. It will make sure you will ride with all the comfort you need while feeling supported and secure in your pads/straps.

Comfort Handle

Our comfort handle is especially developed to make sure you can handle your board everywhere. The ergonomically designed handle will make sure you can hold on to your board when you need it. And our special glass strengthened composite material will make sure the handle won't break, even in the hardest conditions.

These features will make sure you can always get your board, and hold on to it, making sure you will enjoy your Brunotti Board every time you ride it.