Bic Carbon 220 Sml SUP Paddle 2015

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The ultimate material for lightweight, durable high-performance paddles. Available in adjustable and cut-to-length versions. Includes blade guard (uninstalled) and custom zippered blade cover.

Design details

SKU: 100727

The 2015 BIC SUP Paddle range is a leap forward in performance and versatility. Two fully redesigned blade shapes (designed and tested by Patrice Remoiville and Jimmy Blakeney) allow the rider to choose a blade that compliments their size and riding style. The Small (S) blade is ideal for smaller riders, kids, surf performance and paddlers who prefer a high-cadence paddling style. The Medium-Large (ML) blade is our standard bearer, perfect for all-around paddling, racing, low-cadence paddling styles and those looking for more power.


Shaft: Carbon

Blade: Carbon

Shaft Length: 87" / 220 cm

Blade Length: 17.5" / 44.5 cm

Blade Width: 7.25" / 18.5cm

Blade Angle: 10.5 Degrees

Blade Surface area: 90 square inches / 575 cm2

Weight: 23 oz / 650 g