Best TS V5 2016 Kite

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The 2016 Best TS performs, no matter your style. Go for big boosts, ride gnarly waves, throw technical freestyle tricks - the TS delivers!

Design details

The 2016 TS is Best Kiteboarding’s flagship. Controllable power meets outstanding performance to match the highest expectations of all freestyle, wakestyle, freeride and wave riders. The TS is your choice to push your limits and do it all!


  • 4-line open C kite for unlimited freestyle and freeride performance
  • Grunty pull combined with great depower to cover huge wind range
  • Highest performance for all riding styles
  • Fastest turning speed for kiteloops and boosting big airs
  • Great pop and solid line slack for unhooked tricks

Available to ship from beginning of May 2016.