Best Spin 2016 Kiteboard

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Best have equipped the Spin with a new 3D top deck to make your ride even more comfortable. This board basically rides itself upwind so you can focus on your technique, new tricks and jumping higher than ever before.

Design details

The 2016 Best Spin twintip is all about getting the most out of every freeride session. It is very light, flexible and also can take a beating. It wants to ride upwind and eat chop. Thick box rails make it a favorite for jumping and holding the edge. It comes with 45 mm G10 fiberglass fins and Best’s brand new Prime pads and straps that enhance comfort and control. This new setup is also about 400 g lighter than last year.


  • 4-line open C kite for unlimited freestyle and freeride performance
  • Grunty pull combined with great depower to cover huge wind range
  • Highest performance for all riding styles
  • Fastest turning speed for kiteloops and boosting big airs
  • Great pop and solid line slack for unhooked tricks

Available to ship from beginning of May 2016.