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    Best Spark V3 Kiteboard 2015
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Best Spark V3 Kiteboard 2015

£374.16 ex VAT (USD499.50)
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Best designed the Spark to be the ideal freeride board. Its 3D milled Supremo wood core absorbs chop and hard landings, making the Spark ultra comfortable to ride. The X Tension 3D construction further optimizes the flex of the board so tricks suddenly become easy.

Design details

Power your progression

Sizes: 132x40cm, 136x41cm, 142x42cm

Complete with Prime Footpads and accessory pack

Easy handling and perfect freeride performance for all rider levels

New shape with channels on tips steers perfectly the water flow

X Tension 3D construction

3D milled Supremo Wood Core eats chop and absorbs heavy landings

For the 2015 model we also optimized the rocker and the bottom of the board to have a mono-concave shape with additional tip channels. This helps to steer the water flow allowing the board to plane earlier improving its upwind performance. The new Spark comes completely lacquered and is more durable than ever. You can ride it hard to power your progression.

Designer’s Vision

With new Technologies in combination with fine tuning of shape SparkPlug V2 got a real boost: reduced weight – higher comfort! The Sparkplug V2 eats the chop and is the fun tool for an extreme broad target group! Take it – ride it – have fun with sparks!

Franz Schitzhofer

Tech specs

Basalt Fiber Tec
This season we've constructed our high end boards with eco friendly Basalt fiber reinforcement. It's 20% stronger than fiberglass so we can make our boards lighter and better damped than the competition. This season we added the Rock to your board because we know how you like to roll.

Box Rail
A 6.5mm box section ABS rail gives the Profanity amazing durability and impact resistance. A smaller box section rail on the Spark Plug and Breeze boards provides a cleaner water release for minimum drag and maximum upwind ability.

Pre Preg Layup
100% Pre-Preg construction is lighter by up to 700gms compared to other layup methods and delivers the optimum strength to weight ratio. Low fat becasue every gram counts. Exclusive to Best.

Wood Flex Core
The most forgiving and softest core in our line up the SparkPlug’s Wood Flex core provides an ideal balance of easy control and great shock absorption.