Best Red Line V5 Performance Bar 2015

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Best's RP Bar exceeds the international standards, making it one of the safest 4 line bars you can steer your kite with. The lines have a break load of 300 kg and with the clam cleat you can seize the wide depower range comfortable with one hand.

Design details

Take complete control

Sizes: 47cm, 57cm, 52cm

Sub 10 kg release pressure at any load with one hand, push-to-release activation for maximum safety

The original low friction bar insert system helps to eliminate center line wear

One handed emergency safety for when you need to detach from your kite

Fully adjustable depower system for any rider and any riding style

MTake the strain off your arms, ride in comfort for longer

Best designed the Quick Release with an activation pressure under 10 kg at a 220 kg load. This means you can easily release your kite no matter what is happening up in the sky. If released, the single front line safety delivers 100 % and the kites gently falls down. To top it off, the bar comes with a mini-leash which has a pinless push-to-release safety system providing you with the maximum of security.

The bar is not only safe, it is also innovative: We equipped the bar with Delrin inserts which we designed to eliminate the center line wear. While talking about tuning: The RP bar also has an integrated back line trim. A brand new feature on the 2015 RP Bar is the custom designed suede bar grip. The soft and sticky makes handle passes easy and enhances the comfort while you take complete control!