Best Profanity Kiteboard 2014

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100% committed to wakestyle the Profanity is back for another season of slider, kicker and cable mayhem.

Design details

includes wakestyle fin

Sizes: 137cm | 141cm

Show you're committed

*100% commited Wakestyle Board *Reinforced M6 inline block Inserts for strong and secure boot shredding *Deep channels and double concave for perfect grip when riding finless *Bullet proof bottom sheet and extra strong ABS rails for longterm durability on kickers and sliders *Pre Preg layup to make the board lighter and stronger

Take it with you when you need a board that is designed to charge in boots and to tackle any obstacle you can put in its way.

The Profanity uses a Supremo Wood core with inline inserts that are reinforced with Beech Wood Blocks and UNI-D tape. This hard core construction gives you the most durable, binding compatible board in our line-up. Add in our Exclusive Basalt Fiber Tec to help serve up butter smooth progressive flex and damping and you get insane pop and control in all conditions.

The underside of the Profanity has the most complex shape we have ever designed into a board. Full length step rails stiffen the board without adding weight. Next up are quad channels for massive amounts of grip giving you the option of running finless for sliders and kickers or using our 25mm, low profile, G10 fins if you simply must have insane grip to load and pop. We then add in a double bottom concave that works with the rocker to smooth out the mid section of the board to give you reduced drag, more lift and early planing while still retaining all the stability of our deep rocker design. Finally we wrap the bottom of the board up with our low friction Bullet Proof Bottom Sheet so you can strut your stuff.

The Profanity is a no compromise wakestyle board 100% dedicated to committed wakestyle riders who needs the strongest and lightest platform. With it’s skate inspired graphics and hardcore build It’s built for jibbing and any trick you can dream of. That’s why it’s the only board our Ronix sponsored team riders reach for every session. It’s time for you to join the movement, ride the Profanity and show you’re committed.

Basalt Fiber Tec This season we've constructed our high end boards with eco friendly Basalt fiber reinforcement. It's 20% stronger than fiberglass so we can make our boards lighter and better damped than the competition. This season we added the Rock to your board because we know how you like to roll.

Bullet Proo Bottom Sheet Our Profanity and Pro-creator boards come with our new Bullet proof Bottom Sheet. Because we know you are going to ride these boards on any obstacle that gets in your way we made the bottom sheets as tough and as durable as possible. Though we might not be able to guarantee them against all forms of misuse we make sure that your board will keep on sliding for as long as is humanly possible.

Inline Inserts 100% dedicated to wakestyle the Profanity comes with binding compatible inline inserts. Anchored to the board with our Uni-D tape reinforcement and Beech blocks there’s no better way to be connected to your board.

Quadro Channels And Concave The underside of the Profanity has been completely redesigned. The quad channels have been extended towards the center of the board for maximum grip and the double concave have been tuned to give earlier planing and maximum lift.

Designer’s Vision

Profanity V3 – a complete new development! In close R&D with Best Team we opened complete new directions for this board! Result: a wakestyleboard without compromises. 4-channel layout of bottom in combination with boots generates a maximum of grip – equal if you go with fins or finless on obstacles. When wakestyle is your love, the Profanity V3 would be your darling.

Franz Schitzhofer